Natiruts band recorded in January 2015 in Salvador the DVD "Natiruts Reggae Brazil" featuring big names of the genre and other stars of Brazilian music. Gilberto Gil, Ivete Sangalo, Saulo and Edson Gomes were some of the names that attended the show. The Collective Embolex responsible for the direction of content called us to create all the animations of the video scenery. The proposed content was to give life and movement to the work of artists from A7MA Gallery, which made exclusive works for the DVD recording show. The challenge was to develop almost 2 hours of fully synced media with the show music. The audience was 20,000 people. The band goes so far with the tour of this show.


Motion Designers: Adriano Ninguém, Arthur Boniconte, Dario Honsho, Flávio Reis, Gabriel Santos

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