The film studio Primo Filmes has called us to be part of an unprecedented and unique project in Brazil: Make a real time face tracking for the new clip of Paulo Miklos (former Titãs) called "Vou te Encontrar". The idea was to create 3D animations and project it on the artist's face. The biggest challenge was to make these animations follow in real time any face movement that the musician did. The process was basically divided into 3 stages, starting with a 3D scan of Miklos's face. In a second moment we created the entire contents of the clip and started the projection tests on the head of a mannequin. The third and most complex step was to develop a software system with infra-red cameras that could track real-time mapping. The result was surprising and generated almost 250 thousand views on Youtube. The direction of the clip was done by Matias Mariani and André Novis.

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